Make a medal for an everyday hero

Share the Anzac spirit by making a medal for an everyday hero – an essential worker, or someone in your bubble. Wear it when you stand at dawn, and tag us when you share a photo.

Medals play an important role in commemoration and identity-making, and help keep memories and stories alive for their owners and wearers, particularly on Anzac Day. This year, Anzac Day will be different. But wherever we stand, ka mahara tonu ki te wairua o Anzac, we can share in the Anzac spirit.

Medals are most commonly associated with honour and glory. They can celebrate virtue or merit, commemorate significant events, be awarded for sporting achievement, and for service and courage during wartime.

They are small portable works of art, often round, normally made of metal, with tactile designs on both sides. They can be worn like jewellery, usually pinned to the chest.

Ka maumahara ki a rātou kua ngaro. Ki a rātou hoki e tiaki nei i a tātou i tēnei rā. Honour those who have gone before and those protecting us today.