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Tuia – Encounters 250 “celebrates Aotearoa New Zealand’s Pacific voyaging heritage and acknowledges the first onshore encounters between Māori and Pākehā in 1769–70”.

Follow the national kōrero as it appears in the media.

Features and opinion

New lines across the Pacific
Stuff, 4 Nov 2019

On the islands of history
Stuff, 29 Oct 2019

What’s decolonisation?
Radio NZ, 21 Oct 2019

Monuments, memories, and men of action
Stuff, 21 Oct 2019

The return of the ‘death ship’
Stuff, 14 Oct 2019

The effects of Captain James Cook’s arrival on tangata whenua
The Listener, 8 Oct 2019

Making sense of Tuia 250 through Barry Barclay’s prescient work
The Spinoff, 6 Oct 2019

Cook’s arrival was a disaster for Māori. Britain’s half-hearted apology isn't good enough
The Guardian, 4 Oct 2019

The right to conquer and claim: Captain Cook and the Doctrine Of Discovery
The Spinoff, 3 Oct 2019

Calling out Cook: Porirua’s Pātaka gallery confronts the complexities of Tuia250
The Spinoff, 11 Sep 2019

Why I made Captain Cook lose his breeches: Lisa Reihana on her colonial video epic
The Guardian, 15 Oct 2018


Tuia 250 welcomed to Māhia in style with kaimoana, waiata and waka tours
Te Ao Māori News, 15 Dec 2019

Tuia 250 has created ‘an unstoppable shift’ - Shipley
Radio NZ, 13 Dec 2019

Tuia 250 flotilla reaches final stop in Hawke’s Bay
Radio NZ, 15 Dec 2019

Protesters disrupt Wellington Tuia 250 event
Radio NZ, 30 Nov 2019

Endeavour ‘not welcome in our harbour’ – Taranaki whānui descendants
Radio NZ, 29 Nov 2019

Cook’s Endeavour replica leaves Marlborough
Radio NZ, 26 Nov 2019

Haere mai: Marlborough welcomes Tuia 250 fleet to Cook's favourite stopover
Stuff, 21 Nov 2019

Commemoration for Cook visit to Tōtaranui, Queen Charlotte Sound
Radio NZ, 21 Nov 2019

First contact, 250 years on – Tuia flotilla arrives at Waitangi
NZ Herald, 9 Nov 2019

Tuia 250 flotilla haka in Northland chance to re-write history, kaumatua says
Stuff, 1 Nov 2019

Tupaia’s descendants shed new light on Cook’s navigator
Radio NZ, 18 Oct 2019

Waka voyage a chance to ‘connect with taiao’
Radio NZ, 14 Oct 2019

Tall ships sail into bay
The Gisborne Herald, 8 Oct 2019

Endeavour arrives at Tūranganui-a-Kiwa as part of Tuia 250
Radio NZ, 8 Oct 2019

Captain Cook, hero or villain?
Stuff, 7 Oct 2019

New exhibition challenges the legacy of James Cook
Radio NZ, 7 Oct 2019

PM opens Tuia 250 roadshow on traditional voyaging
Radio NZ, 6 Oct 2019

Tuia 250 Commemorations begin
The Gisborne Herald, 5 Oct 2019

Waka flotilla to be welcomed in Bay of Plenty
Radio NZ, 28 Sep 2019

Gisborne iwi refuse to hold pōwhiri for replica of Cook’s ship Endeavour
Radio NZ, 17 Sep 2019

Captain Cook replica banned from docking in Mangonui during commemoration
Radio NZ, 16 Sep 2019

The man hijacking the Cook commemorations to tell the story of Polynesian exploration
The Spinoff, 11 Aug 2019

Re-balancing history – Cook landing commemorations will be different
Radio NZ, 24 Jul 2019

Captain James Cook graffiti raises necessary kōrero – councillor
Radio NZ, 11 Jul 2019

A celebration, or a commemoration?
Te Ao Māori News, 8 Jul 2019

$20m Captain Cook commemoration ignores Māori pain – critics
Radio NZ, 9 May 2019

A waka from the Tuia 250 flotilla sails into Te Whanganui-a-Tara | Wellington Harbour, 2019. Photo by Daniel Crichton-Rouse. Te Papa

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