Extra links for the extra curious

Go down amazing wormholes with this curated suite of links.

  • High Tide Don’t Hide – a documentary following the SS4C movement who discover that activism, authority, and awareness make for a steep learning curve.

  • WWF: How to Save Our Planet – Sir David Attenborough explains how humans can take charge of our future and save our planet.

  • NatGeo: Prince Ea’s Three Seconds – in this short film, spoken word artist Prince Ea makes a powerful case for protecting the planet and challenges the human race to create a sustainable future.

  • Stuff: A tale of two cities – an investigation into the two realities of life in Auckland.

  • Too Much Money – a one-hour interview with Max Rashbrooke about his book, Too Much Money: How Wealth Disparities Are Unbalancing Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • What is intersectionality? – from Professor Peter Hopkins, at Newcastle University, to unpack the idea of intersectionality further.

  • Time: We Can’t Solve the Climate Crisis Unless Black Lives Matter – an opinion article from Dr Ayana Elizabth Johnson, a black marine biologist and editor of the book All We Can Save: truth, courage and solutions for the climate crisis.

  • Intersectionality 101 – a US-oriented explainer on intersectionality using claymation.

  • Collective Liberation Guide – a really useful guide about collective liberation, produced by UK grassroots organisation People & Planet.

  • The patriarchy, feminism, and #MeToo – Tina Ngata (Ngāti Porou) explains the ways in which feminism and #MeToo in Aotearoa have not always considered the impact of colonialism, within this powerful clip from Te Kai a te Rangatira.