Clay Bank Cicada | Notopsalta

Clay Bank Cicada | Notopsalta sericea

This cicada is one of a kind: it is the only species in the Notopsalta (clay bank) genus.

This cicada looks similar to the Maoricicada (black cicada) genus, but it has longer wings relative to its body, and a brownish-grey colouring. The underside is generally pale with black markings. The males generally have a wingspan of 33–40 mm, while the females have a wingspan of 41–48 mm.

Clay Bank Cicada | Notopsalta sericea. Photo by Melvin Esson

Distribution and habitat
This cicada is found exclusively throughout the North Island but is more common in the lowland and coastal areas of the upper North Island.

Time of year

This species can be found from October to March. It is most active from November to January.

“Zeeeee zit zit zit…” where the ‘zit’ is repeated many times.
This is a recording of the sound of a clay bank cicada. This audio contains loud and high-pitched chirping sounds, which get repeated very quickly. After five repeats, the tone lengthens.