ShakerMod: Earthquake Encounters

ShakerMod is an educational Minecraft mod which simulates earthquakes and creates an experiential and playful approach to understanding how to protect our homes against them – Fix. Fasten. Don’t Forget! 

Download ShakerMod [JAR; 5.5MB]

The aim of the game

Numerous and unexplained earthquakes have been leaking through to our real world from a parallel universe called ‘ShakerMod’.

We suspect these earthquakes might be caused by a greedy organisation who’s trying to destroy people’s belongings and treasured items.

You must travel to ShakerMod, find out how this organisation is creating earthquakes, and defeat their evil schemes by learning how to reduce the harmful impacts of quakes.

Once you’ve completed your mission you’ll be given access to special command blocks that let you create your own earthquakes and homes, allowing you to use Minecraft in a way you’ve never been able to before.

How to play and install instructions

Frequently asked ShakerMod questions (811.67 KB)

User guide for playing ShakerMod (1.71 MB)

ShakerMod install guide with download link for Windows (4.47 MB)

ShakerMod install guide with download link for MacOS (2.08 MB)

What is a Minecraft mod?

A Minecraft mod is a modified game-play version of Minecraft. You will need to have already purchased Minecraft in order to play ShakerMod (free!).

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Download ShakerMod [JAR; 5.5MB]

Advisory warning

Kids, please ask your parent’s permission before installing ShakerMod. ShakerMod includes a simulated earthquake experience. This includes how earthquakes feel and sound as you experience them. If you’re worried about this, it might help to turn off the sound in the game’s settings.

ShakerMod is not an official Minecraft product and is not associated with or approved by Mojang.