GuardiansNgā Kaitiaki

When | Āhea

Permanent exhibition

Where | Ki hea

Te Taiao | Nature, Level 2

Cost | Te utu

Free exhibition


All ages


30 minutes

Accessibility | E wātea ana ki
  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Subtitles on all videos

  • Variable lighting

  • Tactile exhibition, opportunities to touch and smell

  • One sudden sound from pig in the pests area

  • One large, immersive digital experience

How are we protecting our native wildlife? How can we make our rivers, lakes, and seas healthy again? How are innovative Kiwis tackling the challenges of climate change?

Turn on a torch and catch backyard pests in the act. Lift a hefty longfin tuna, and meet our many native freshwater ika. Open the fridge – can you guess which bottles contain the cleanest natural wai? Journey into the deep, and discover the bizarre creatures that survive there – even 7,500 metres down.

Be inspired by the stories of other Kiwis taking action for the environment, then learn how to hook up with a nature project near you.


  • Climate Converter: Your physical actions leave a footprint on this spectacular, immersive space – help create a carbon-zero future.

  • Colossal Squid: She’s back, and she’s the only complete specimen on display in the world.

  • Eel Adventure: Steer a tuna across the Pacific and back to Aotearoa and back, overcoming challenges on the way.

  • Seabird Capital: Get to know (and smell!) the locals – after all, we’re the seabird capital of the world.

  • Albatross Pair: Encounter two of our most majestic specimens, and watch how they woo their mate.

  • The Current: Add your voice and help solve our toughest nature challenges.

Ngā Kaitiaki | Guardians
Looking at native fish, 2019. Te Papa

Ngā Kaitiaki | Guardians
Making a pledge to the environment in the Climate Converter, 2019. Te Papa

Ngā Kaitiaki | Guardians
Posing inside creatures of the deep, 2019. Te Papa

Ngā Kaitiaki | Guardians
The colossal squid, 2019. Te Papa

Ngā Kaitiaki | Guardians
Albatross, 2019. Photo by Maarten Holl. Te Papa

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