How to care for paper and books Tiakitanga o te taonga pepa

Works on paper include watercolours, prints, drawings, documents, maps, books, wallpapers, playing cards, and fans.


Handle paper objects with clean hands or cotton gloves.

Storing and displaying

  • Store paper objects in a cool, dry, and dark space where a regular temperature can be maintained. Temperature fluctuations may cause damage over time.

  • Protect paper from too much light, which causes fading and creates a chemical reaction that weakens the paper.

  • Use acid-free storage boxes, frames, or supports. Acidity causes significant darkening, brittleness, and foxing (the appearance of small brown stains).

  • Keep spaces well cleaned to protect objects from dust, pests, and insects.

  • Store paper objects flat rather than rolled or folded.


To label paper, use a 2B pencil rather than ink, which can seep into the paper.

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