Protest Aotearoa!

Who are we as a nation? How did we get here? What do we value?

Learning areas and strands

Social Sciences, History, English, Visual Arts

Education type

Education visit


90 mins

Suitable for

Year 5–13

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$6.50 per student (teachers and parent helpers go free)

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Aotearoa has long been a place for debate, action and resistance. Protest has brought about change and has led to Aotearoa having a leading voice in conversations around voting, nuclear power and land rights.

In this learning programme, students will look at a variety of protest objects from Te Papa’s collection which talk to some key moments in NZ history – sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, Dawn Raids, Springbok tour, climate change, and many more. The students will see that protest can take many forms and that change comes about through people taking action. They will work together to create their own call to action around something important to them. Also see our online resource on protest, Kia hiwa rā.

‘You can’t sink a rainbow’ badge, about 1985, New Zealand, metal. Gift of Ken Thomas, 2008. Te Papa (GH011822)

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