Protest Aotearoa!

Who are we as a nation?

  • Learning areas and strands Social Studies, History, English
  • Education type Education visit
  • Duration 60-90 mins
  • Suitable for Year 6 upwards
  • Next available Available
  • Cost $6.50 per student (teachers and parent helpers go free)

Aotearoa has long been a place for debate, action, and resistance. Protest has brought about change and has led to Aotearoa having a leading voice in conversations around voting, nuclear power, and land rights.

This programme explores a multiplicity of perspectives. It delves deep into the material culture at Te Papa in order to explore what happens when different voices express their dissent in a variety of creative ways.

Group of protestors holding signs – one example says “Waitangi is a racist celebration” – march towards the camera


Maori Land Protest at Waitangi, 1982, Waitangi, by Ans Westra. Purchased 1993 with New Zealand Lottery Grants Board funds. Te Papa (O.010224/02)