Meet the Learning Innovation team

Read about the members of the Learning Innovation team who create and deliver our innovative public and school learning programmes.

Miri Young, Head of Learning Innovation


Miri Young

I lead the Learning Innovation team here at Te Papa. We’re committed to empowering life-long learning across the museum and we’re responsible for formal education and informal public programmes, including Hīnātore | Learning Lab.

I bring expertise in developing learning strategy, museum programmes, art education, digital learning, visitor experience, and interpretation for a wide range of audiences. I have a Masters specialising in Museum Studies, which I completed at New York University USA as a Fulbright Fellow in 2013. 

Tara Fagan, Senior Advisor Museum Education


Tara Fagan

I lead the Museum Education and Learning Innovation educators and believe using digital technologies in a well-considered blended approach enhances teaching and learning.

I've worked in teacher professional learning and development across New Zealand with a focus on digital technologies.

My background in early childhood education helps me support teachers as they understand collaborative, innovative, and experiential teaching.

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Matt Richards, Senior Advisor Learning Innovation


Matt Richards

I have 10 years experience creating innovative learning environments, makerspaces, high-performing teams, and education programmes in schools, social enterprise, and government organisations. I co-led the design and creation of Hīnātore Learning Lab.

I employ emerging technologies to empower learners and build global learning communities. I’m a Google Certified Innovator and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Martin Langdon, Museum Education Specialist  

Martin Langdon

I'm passionate about young learners having easy access to the museum and positive experiences. I prioritise shared learning experiences where the whole whānau can develop understanding together. My background is in facilitation, programme development, and community-based projects which I've drawn upon through my visual and fine arts education.  

Jessie Robieson, Learning Innovation specialist  

Jessie Robieson

I was a teacher for 5 years before joining the Learning Innovation team in June 2107. I'm interested in 21st-century learning and using digital tools in the classroom to motivate students. I enjoy working with teachers to empower them when delivering digital lessons, and in the upcoming digital technologies curriculum.

Ewan MacLeod, Learning Innovation Specialist


Ewan MacLeod

I develop and facilitate learning experiences that connect to Te Papa’s Taonga. In Hīnātore Learning Lab, I draw on my experience as a motion designer, teacher, and film-maker to empower learners to get hands-on with cutting-edge technologies and processes.

Laura Jones, Museum Education Specialist

Laura Jones

I've been a teacher for many years teaching to a wide range of year groups with an art specialism. I've studied and have a passion for museum education and see Te Papa as being perfectly positioned to help students make deep connections between the collections and their learning.

We can help schools with broadening the curriculum and we can enthuse students with new and innovative ways to engage with the world.

Scott Ogilvie, Museum Education Specialist

Scott Ogilvie

I love helping students discover our taonga and the stories these precious objects can tell. I specialise in science education but have become a bit of a jack-of-all-trades during my time at Te Papa.

I have a background in geography/geology, primary education, and science communication – all of which have been helpful in my role in museum education. As an advocate of life-long learning I am always looking to learn new things – most recently skiing, archery, and growing grapes!

Donald James, Learning Innovation Specialist

Donald James

Working in Hīnātore lets me help others ask their own questions about Te Papa’s taonga, explore what makes it interesting to them, and get hands-on and creative with the technologies of the future.

I love being thrown into the deep end with new people, new technology and new ideas. I especially like questions I don’t know the answer to!

Alice Fennessy, Museum Education Specialist

Alice Fennessy

I came to Te Papa from a background in secondary art education and museum education. I'm passionate about connecting and engaging young people with learning in museum environments. I love exploring the big questions with young people, and the taonga of Te Papa’s collection offers learners and teachers with incredible opportunities for critical discussion and inquiry.

Carmel Russell, Senior Advisor Learning Operations

Carmel Russell

Behind any great team of learners and creators are the people who help the learning and ideas happen. Our co-ordinator (Kate Adolph) and I make up the operations team and we support our team to deliver the great programming and learning opportunities you come to Te Papa to experience. 

I bring a film and creative industry background, Ministry of Education experience, and a decade of skills gained from playing in an acclaimed ukulele orchestra. 

Kate Adolph, Learning Innovation Coordinator

Kate Adolph

I'm the first point of contact for groups planning their trip to Te Papa to take part in our learning programmes and activities.

My background is in the visual arts and I have previously worked in dealer galleries, New Zealand's arts funding development agency, and sat on the board of trustees at local artist run space.

The learning opportunities at Te Papa are endless and we want to make these accessible for all learners. Please contact me to arrange your next visit to Te Papa.

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