Art study cardsHe Kāri Ako Toi

Education type

Education resource

Prompt your students to analyse art works in new ways, using key art terms from eight topics.

The resource

Your students can use this resource during a visit to Te Papa, or as part of classroom activities.

The resource includes:

  • nine art topics and related terminology

  • targeted questions designed to encourage analysis and reflection.

Art study cards (134.67 KB)

or download them individually:

Colour (34.70 KB)

Composition & space (145.70 KB)

Context (41.74 KB)

Light & tone (48.59 KB)

Meaning & message (37.58 KB)

Painting (33.34 KB)

Personal response (46.70 KB)

Photography (39.87 KB)

Sculpture (37.40 KB)