Curriculum links

Kia hiwa rā! helps ākonga to explore some really big ideas – such as the ways in which power is held and used to shape the world we live in. It focuses ākonga on lived experiences, indigenous realities and the multiple perspectives that exist around representation and history.

Kia hiwa rā! touches on a wide range of learning areas: Social Sciences, including ANZ Histories, the Visual Arts, Drama, Technology, English, and Health and PE, and weaves together Understand-Know-Do from Te Mātaiaho.

Kia hiwa rā! is unapologetically contemporary and supports teachers and young people to be active citizens today, for tomorrow, drawing on our past to address our collective wellbeing, resilience, and mental health. Through the activities, ākonga are encouraged to explore their own world, and inquire into societal issues that exist in their own rohe, as well as in Aotearoa New Zealand, and the world.

The curriculum links below suggests possible ways that Kia hiwa rā! develops understanding, knowledge, and practices for ākonga across learning areas. This table is designed as a starting point from which teaching and learning in your own setting can be planned. Your focus on any part of any learning area could easily be more in-depth, depending on your learners’ needs and your school’s context.

Download ‘Kia hiwa rā – social sciences curriculum links’ (79.93 KB)

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