Activity: Remembering our loved ones at Matariki

Spend time holding the memory of loved ones in your heart.

A maumahara, or remembrance, mobile is a great way to remember our loved ones who have passed on at Matariki. It will be a reminder that our loved ones are always watching over us in the night sky.

What you need:

  • colouring pens/pencils

  • simple star shapes

  • wool or twine

  • scissors

  • copied photographs or drawings of loved ones

  • driftwood for hanging the stars from to create a mobile effect.

Colour and decorate the simple star shapes, before adding on the photocopied photos or drawings of those that have passed.

Hang the stars off the driftwood, and display the entire mobile somewhere where it can be noticed throughout the day.

Matariki Whānau Day at Te Papa, 2022. Photo by Jo Moore. Te Papa (207085)

Depending on the age and the connections of ākonga, it might be safe to have kōrero together about loved ones who have died. Alternatively, these questions may serve as useful prompts for a personal journal entry or for discussions at home with whānau:

  • Who have you loved and lost?

  • Can you remember any special moments together?

  • What are the small moments of joy that you will miss?

  • What did they love to do, what made their heart sing?

  • What sounds or sights will keep reminding you of them?

  • How will you choose to keep remembering them?

  • Imagine they are standing with you. What words of advice would they give to you? How can you make them proud?