Activity: Is the Matariki cluster celebrated elsewhere?

Consider the global significance of Pleiades, the Matariki cluster.

Collect, analyse, and use sources

Watch the video below and listen to Professor Rangi Mātāmua summarise the ways the Matariki cluster has been described in other places around the world.

Ākonga may also want to read about Matariki around the world and across time on our website:

Matariki – te Mātahi o te Tau | the Māori New Year

Ask ākonga to copy out and fill in the table below as they watch or read:

CountryName or shape given to PleiadesSymbolism or meaning

Communicate ideas

Ask ākonga to choose a country, time in history, or event mentioned in the video or text and research some more about the importance of this cluster to that setting, time, or people.

Next they could:

  • interview each other about the importance of this star cluster across the world and across the time

  • act out a scene in which they are a newsreader from that time or place telling everyone about this important time of the year.

Discuss together:

  • What are the many ways Matariki as a cluster is important across many cultures?
  • In what ways are the cultural practices different in other places, and in what ways are they similar?