Join the Kōtuia Ngā Kete community

Make sure you’re part of the Kōtuia Ngā Kete community to showcase your organisation and your collections.

Why join?

There are a number of reasons to sign up with Kōtuia Ngā Kete.

• promote your museum, gallery or whare taonga
• share your collections with a wider audience
• create rich media stories using objects from your collections and others
• engage with museums, galleries and whare taonga across the country
• increase standards consistency across the sector.

Join the Kōtuia Ngā Kete directory

Kōtuia Ngā Kete has a comprehensive public listing of more than 400 museums, galleries and whare taonga in New Zealand.

Want to be added to the list? We require that museums and galleries are a non-profit or charity organisation to be included in the Kōtuia Ngā Kete directory.

The Kōtuia Ngā Kete directory listing is managed through eHive. You’ll need to sign up for a free eHive account to join the community. Contact us to find out how.

If your current collection management system doesn’t allow you to share online, you can also share some objects from your collection through eHive. The basic account is free of charge.

Connect your collection through Digital NZ

To enable us to share collections from a wide range of collection management systems Kōtuia Ngā Kete has partnered with National Library collection management aggregator DigitalNZ. Contributing organisations need to sign up as a DigitalNZ Content Partner to share your collection on the site.

What happens after I sign up as a DigitalNZ Content Partner?

Once you have agreed to participate, DigitalNZ will work with you on the technical options for connecting your digital material to the DigitalNZ services. DigitalNZ will send you access to their staging website so you can check how your content is displaying and they will answer any of your questions about how the content is displayed, updated and shared. The whole process could take as little as a few hours.

Does it cost to sign up to DigitalNZ?

There is no cost to you to join the Kōtuia Ngā Kete directory or sign up as a Digital NZ Partner. However, there may be annual licensing fees for using a collection management systems, depending on what you decide to use.

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