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Setting up a museum Te whakatū i tētahi muhiama

Prepare for the challenges of setting up a new museum or gallery.

Planning a new museum

You have a great idea for a museum, and you’re keen to start one. But how do you put that idea to the test? This guide aims to help you decide whether you can turn your dream into a sustainable and financially secure reality.

Make a strategic plan

What are the goals for your museum? How are you going to reach them? These are questions you address in a strategic plan. This guide offers you a process to follow in developing a plan.

Define your marketing plan

Marketing is an essential part of museum operations. This guide suggests some simple, practical steps that can be applied to define your marketing strategy and produce effective marketing campaigns.

Develop your business case

If you are planning a new museum, developing a business case will help you decide whether it is feasible. This guide explains how and when to develop a business case, and includes a template you can use for the process.

Carry out a feasibility study

Planning to extend a building or construct a new one? Is your proposal sound? This guide tells you how to carry out a feasibility study to evaluate the likely success of your project – before you commit money to it.