At-Sea Observations of Seabirds dataset

This is a dataset of at-sea observations of seabirds dating from 1969 to 1990.


Ship data, bird data, ship codes and bird codes (19.28 MB)

Ship data CSV file (1.32 MB)

Bird data CSV file (5.60 MB)

The data was recorded using guidelines for the Australasian Seabird Mapping Scheme and counts seabirds seen from a ship during a 10 minute period. The data includes geolocations of the sightings, bird species, numbers and behaviour, observer and ship name, and observation date and time.

It has been built from data elements extracted by Te Papa staff from the at-sea bird observations recorded in the logbooks of Captain John Arthur Francis Jenkins (1928-1989) and count cards held by the convenor of the Australasian Seabird Mapping Scheme.

The logbooks of Captain Jenkins are held by the Archives of the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Solander Island albatross. Photo by Michael Hall. Te Papa

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