Tuhinga 11, 2000

EAN: 11734337

The lichen genus Peltigera (Peltigeraled: Ascomycota) in New Zealand

D J Galloway

ABSTRACT: Sixteen species of the lichen genus Peltigera Willd., are recognised in the New Zealand mycobiota, viz. P. canina, P.degenii, P. didcatyla, P, dolichorhiza, P.hymenina, P. lepidophora, P. malacea, P. membranaecea, P, nana, P. neckeri, P. neopolydachtyla, P, polydactylon, P. praetextata, P. rufenscens, P, subhorizontalis, and P. ulcerata. A key to species, descriptions of all taxa, biogeographic affinities and distribution maps are presented. Peltigera degenii, P.hymenina, P. neckeri, and P. neopolydachtyla are recorded for the first time from New Zealand.


Description and ecological distribution of a new frog crab (Cructacea, Brachyura, Raninidae) from northern New Zealand waters, with keys to recent Raninid Genera and Notosceles species

E.W. Dawson and J.C. Yaldwyn

ABSTRACT: Notosceles n.sp. is described from 21 collections between depths of about 50 and over 300 metres of Norfolk Island and the Wanganella bank on the Norfolk Ridge, from the southern end of the Three Kings Ridge, from the Bay of Plenty, from the East Cape Ridge, and off the Kermadec Islands, on the Kermadec Ridge. It is closely related to N. viaderi Ward, 1942 from off Mauritius and Reunion in the western Indian Ocean, Hawaii, and French Polynesia, and toN. ecaudorensis (Rathbun, 1935) partially redescribed here, from off Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and Baja California in the eastern Pacific. N. pepeke was taken from bottoms of mixed shell, sand, bryozoan rubble, and coral, and is partly simpatric with the only other known New Zealand raninid Lyreidus tridentatus de Haan, 1841. Keys are provided for the recognition of 12 extant raninid genera and 6 extant Notosceles species.