Tuhinga 2, 1995

New species and records of deep-water mollusca from off New Zealand

R. K. Dell

ABSTRACT: New species of Acharax, Adipicola, Lyonsiella, Poromya Antimargarita and An5tarctodomus are described from off New Zealand. New records are given for Galeodea triganceae Dell, Volutomitra banksii Dell and V. (Latiromitra) problematica Ponder. The subspecies Penion benthicolus delliPowell can not be distinguished from Penion benthicolus Dell.  Boreotrophon shirleyi Cernohorsky is transferred to the family Turbinellidae and placed inMetzgeria Norman. Two species, Poromya undosa Hedley and Petterd (described from off New South Wales) and Claviscala kuroharai Habe (described from offf Japan) are recorded from New Zealand, The supposed scaphopod, Dentalium tiwhana Dell is transferred to the Polychaeta.