Tuhinga 9, 1996

Molluscan name-bearing types in the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Bruce A. Marshall

ABSTRACT: Molluscan holotypes, neotypes, lectotypes and syntypes held by the Museum of New Zealand (NMNZ) are listed systematically and alphabetically by specific name.  Sources of lectotype and neotype designations are indicated. Missing primary types are listed separately. Special comments refer to the status of Anomia huttoni Suter, 1913 (Anomidae);  nis depauperata Hutton, 1883 (Hyriidae); Thracia vitrea  (Hutton, 1873) (Thraciidae); Montfortula chathamensisFinlay, 1928 (Fissurellidae); Fissurella squamosa Hutton, 1873 (Fissurellidae); Huttonia hamiltoni Kirk, 1882 (Trochidae); Trivia zelandica Kirk, 1882 (Triviidae);Diala subcarinata Murdoch & Suter, 1906 (Turridae); Dentalium ecostatum Kirk, 1880 (Cavoliniidae);  Limnaea pucilla Hutton, 1884 (Lymnaeidae); and potential type material of New Zealand Architeuthis  species (Architeuthidae). Attention is drawn to Endodonta Charopa) longstaffae, Thalassohelix pygmaea, and Laoma Phrixgnathus) gracilis, taxa overlooked since their introduction by Suter (1913a).