How to use Te Papa’s assisted listening system

Our assisted listening system allows you to connect to the audio stream in an event directly to your device headphone or hearing aid. It’s available for visitors attending a conference or certain public programmes, such as panel talks.

What you’ll need:

  • A mobile device with access to Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS).

  • Headphones or your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid.

On your mobile device:

  1. Download the free WaveCAST Audio Receiver app. (You can do this in advance.)

  2. Connect your device to our ‘Assisted Listening’ Wi-Fi network. (You must be at Te Papa to access this network.) You will need to accept the Terms & Conditions.

  3. If you haven’t already downloaded the WaveCAST Audio Receiver app, you will be prompted to now.

  4. Open the WaveCAST Audio Receiver app.

    1. If you are asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network “that has a WaveCAST transmitter”, connect as per Step 2 above. If you’ve already connected to ‘Assisted Listening’ as per Step 1 above, click ‘Next’. The following screens then explain how to use the app.

    2. You will be presented with a list of names of rooms at Te Papa. Choose the room you are in and enter the event’s code when prompted. Each event has a unique code and will be shared with you in advance of attending, and a Te Papa staff member will be on hand for help.

    3. If you change rooms, you must enter the event code again. If you are attending a multi-day event, you’ll need to enter the event code each day.

  5. Alternatively, we have devices and headphones, as well as telecoils, that you are welcome to use. If you’d like to, please ask a Te Papa staff member at the event you’re attending.


When you search for “WaveCAST” in the app store, you’re looking for this app: WaveCAST Audio Receiver.

This slideshow consists of iOS screenshots. If you are using an Android device, what you see will be slightly different.

When the app has finished downloading, it’ll be on your device. You might need to switch through your screens to find it – or simply search for it.

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll likely be met with this prompt. Click ‘Allow’.

The next three screens tell you how to setup the app. Click ‘Next’ to move onto the next screen.



If you are inside Te Papa and connected to the ‘Assisted Listening’ network, you will see a list of our rooms. Select the room your event is in.

If you are unsure what room you are in, please see a Te Papa staff member.

Once you have selected your room, you should see this screen. Type in the event code where prompted.

When you are connected, you should see this screen. (In this example, Icon is the room we are connected to.)

You should now be able to hear what is being said in the room.

The blue tick indicates what room you are connected to.

This is what the app will display if you are outside of the transmitting area (such as Te Papa).


You can browse the web while connected to our ‘Assisted Listening’ network.

Read the official WaveCAST app user guide [PDF, 197KB]