News: We’re getting ready for a new art space

Te Papa will open a spectacular new art gallery space in the museum in late 2017. Te Papa will remain open throughout the changes.

18 November 2016

The art gallery, which currently occupies levels five and six of Te Papa, will be the first area to change as Te Papa transforms its permanent exhibits over the coming years.

The current Ngā Toi | Arts Te Papa gallery will close on Sunday 26 February 2017, with the new art space opening in late 2017. Entry will be free.

The space for art at Te Papa will grow 35% from 2,430 m2 to 3,290m2 over levels four and five, including a spectacular new double-height gallery with an entrance opposite Te Papa’s upstairs café.

The new space with its eight-metre-high walls will enable Te Papa to show large sculptural works, and offer immersive art experiences on a scale never seen before at the museum.

The gallery will include a dedicated area for works by iconic New Zealand artists.

Architects Warren and Mahoney are designing the new art space.

From Tuesday January 24th, two areas on level four will be closed to allow for construction work: the 20th century history gallery Slice of Heaven, and one of Te Papa’s four children’s play areas, Inspiration Station (it includes a play shop). The other children’s play areas will remain open.

Artist's impression of Te Papa's new art space, 2016. Te Papa

Images featured in the rendering of the space:

Michael Parekowhai, He korero pūrākau mo te awanui o te motu: story of a New Zealand river, 2011. Purchased 2011 with the assistance of the Friends of Te Papa. Te Papa (2011-0046-1/A-N to N-N)

Richard Killeen, Assimilation, 1978. Te Papa (2009-0016-1)

Ani O’Neill, Rainbow country, 2000–01. Te Papa (2002-0009-1/AA-HR)

Gretchen Albrecht, In a shower of gold, 2011. Te Papa (2013-0018-1/A-B to B-B)

Gordon Walters, Karakia, 1977. Purchased with Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council of New Zealand funds. Te Papa (1978-0019-1)

Peter Robinson, Boy am I scarred eh, 1997. Te Papa (2012-0016-5)