‘Bug Lab’ makes USA debut

Some of the world’s smallest creatures are about to have a big impact in the United States of America.

Our blockbuster exhibition Bug Lab opened over the weekend at Discovery Place Science in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering American visitors a close-up, larger-than-life look at the world’s smallest geniuses.

“Bugs really are high-powered packets of ingenuity. We humans are increasingly adapting their talents to solve the world’s most complex problems,” says Catherine Wilson Horne, president and CEO of Discovery Place.

Bug Lab takes us on a colorful journey into the bugs’ world to understand and appreciate their tremendous contributions to human lives.”

Weta Workshop’s Academy Award-winning creative vision and our interpretive expertise have pushed Bug Lab far beyond the realm of your regular natural history exhibition, and changed the way you think about the world beneath your feet.

“For 450 million years, bugs have been getting smarter. From brain surgery to teamwork to the power of flight – they really can do it all. Now they’re sharing their genius to help humans make the world a better place,” says Weta Workshop’s Richard Taylor.

After seasons in Wellington, Melbourne, and Auckland, the exhibition nows make its US debut in Charlotte.

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Bug Lab, 2016. Photograph by Michael O’Neill. Te Papa