Painting of a countryside river scene. A woman sits under a tree reading a book, while a man behind her fishes

A Fluid Art: Watercolours 1778–1900 Waiwaiā: Ngā Peita Waikano 1778–1900

This exhibition shows a selection from the 339 works gifted to the National Art Gallery (now Te Papa) by Archdeacon Francis Henry Dumville Smythe (1873–1966) in 1957.


He wāhi tēnei whakaaturanga o ngā mahi toi, e 339 te nui, i tākohangia ki te National Art Gallery (arā, ko Te Papa ināianei) e Ātirīkona Francis Henry Dumville Smythe (1873–1966) i te tau 1957.

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  • When | Āhea 18 Mar – 10 Sep 2022
  • Where | Ki hea Toi Art, Level 5
  • Cost | Te utu Free entry
  • Ages | Te reanga All ages
  • Allow | Me whakarite 10 mins
  • Accessibility | E wātea ana ki

Watercolour was wildly popular among British artists from the 1750s onwards. Capable of a variety of effects, it was used by innovative and traditional painters alike.

The works here showcase the versatility of watercolour. Collected by English clergyman Francis Smythe in the early 1900s, they reveal his wide-ranging taste – from the sentimental to the experimental, the amateur to the professional.


Mai anō i ngā tau 1750, e tino kaingākautia ana ngā peita waikano e ngā ringatoi o Piritana. He huhua tonu ngā momo tānga, he tikanga toi tēnei i whāia e ngā ringatoi auaha me ērā e ū tonu ana ki ngā tikanga toi o mua.

E whakaatu ana ngā mahi toi ki konei i te whānui o ngā momo peita waikano. He mea kohi e tētahi minita nō Ingarangi, e Francis Smythe, i te tīmatanga o ngā tau 1900. Kei te kitea te whānui o ngā pikitia e paingia ana e ia – e rangona ana te ngākau māhaki tae atu ki te wairua pākiki, he toi nā te ringarapa me te ringarehe.

Exhibition highlights Taonga whakaatu

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