Organisation structure
Te hanga a Te Papa

Find out how Te Papa is organised internally, and learn about each of our directorate’s responsibilities.

Ngā Manu Atarau
(Communities, Repatriation, and Sector Development)

The role of the Ngā Manu Atarau Directorate is to connect communities with their taongataonga treasures, artefacts and other valuable heritage items.

It achieves this by:

  • helping to build the capacities and capabilities of museums, art galleries and iwi iwi tribes to care for and exhibit their valuable heritage items
  • securing the return and care of toi moko/mokomokai moko/mokomokai Māori/Moriori human remains from overseas collections to AotearoaAotearoa New Zealand
  • creating and maintaining quality relationships with iwi communities so that their contribution to the care and exhibition of relevant taonga, and the Te Papa contribution to Treaty of Waitangi settlements, is secured
  • overseeing and, at times, leading the bicultural dimensions of Te Papa including during significant events (e.g. Matariki) and the management of the Te Papa marae.

Along with the KaihautūKaihautū Māori Co-leader, Ngā Manu Atarau provides strategic leadership for partnerships with tangata whenuatangata whenua indigenous people and contributes to the ongoing life and day-to-day culture of the museum.

At the heart of its work is the concept of mana taonga, a philosophy and practice which seeks to meaningfully involve communities in the care and exhibition of their valuable heritage items, and shares the authority for the care and exhibition of taonga with their source communities.

Commercial and Visitor Services Directorate

The Commercial and Visitor Services Directorate is responsible for generating revenue through Te Papa’s commercial business and enterprises, such as venues, cafés, Te Papa Stores, licencing, and merchandising, and the front of house delivery of the visitor experience through Hosts and public events. It is this directorate's responsibility to add value to Te Papa's brand and intellectual property.

Engagement and Development Directorate

The Marketing and Audience Directorate drives visitation and fusion of brand, marketing, audience insights, market development and partnerships to maximise reach and value. It engages and grows existing and new domestic and international audiences through Te Papa offers, and creates and manages enduring, collaborative and mutually beneficial partnerships with right-fit (or highly aligned) organisations.

Collections, Research and Learning Directorate

The Collections, Research and Learning Directorate facilitates physical and digital access to Te Papa’s collections and expertise. Its activities span curatorial research, collection maintenance and development, exhibition development, learning, and public programmes.

Activities within this directorate focus on explorations of the natural environment, arts, cultural diversity, and the heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific.

Research at Te Papa

Museum Renewal Directorate

The Museum Renewal Directorate is responsible for the physical renewal of Te Papa’s Cable Street site (including long-term exhibitions), applying innovation to create an integrated visitor experience.

Digital Directorate

The Digital Directorate is responsible for driving the development and implementation of digital and technology programmes so that Te Papa can become a world-leading provider of digital experiences.

This directorate works within a model strongly focused on the internal customer, assisting Te Papa teams to identify and define the needs of their audiences. It then delivers services to meet those audience needs in the most innovative and cost-effective manner.

Operations Directorate

The Operations Directorate is responsible for the development and delivery of core organisational infrastructure and support across the museum. It achieves this through the delivery of core functions in a number of areas: people and culture, communication, IT, facilities, and organisational governance and decision-making processes.

This directorate, through the Programme Management Office, ensures that governance and programme delivery capabilities are in place to manage and coordinate the development and delivery of the renewal and capital investment plan.

Finance Directorate

The Finance Directorate is responsible for ensuring that the organisation operates in a financially sustainable manner and meets it statutory obligations. It achieves this through providing financial services, procurement services, timely internal and external reporting, risk and assurance to the Executive and the Board, and being a strategic partner and advisor across the museum.