Watch: Interviews with four New Zealand jewellers

Jewellers Lisa Walker, John Edgar, Warwick Freeman, and Alan Preston discuss their work and inspiration. 

John Edgar

The polished stone works of New Zealand John Edgar reflect his deep interest in the contemporary use of natural materials.

Working in pounamu, greywacke, and argillite, he moved beyond the concept of adornment, seeking instead to ‘relate intensely to people through the mind and the heart’.

Warwick Freeman

Warwick Freeman talks about how his works address issues of identity.

Lisa Walker

For Lisa Walker, ‘everything is food for art’. In this interview filmed in her studio she talks about the diverse sources of inspiration for her work.

Alan Preston

Alan Preston discusses his work White Foreshore, a piece of jewellery created from shell fragments taken from Muriwai Beach. Alan’s work references Colin McCahon’s series of paintings Walk, also inspired by Muriwai Beach.