Dates for the Matariki public holiday

The Matariki public holiday is based on the winter rising of the Matariki cluster in the early morning sky during the Tangaroa period of the lunar month of Pipiri.

There are a number of different approaches to identifying when the Māori New Year is observed and celebrated.

Because Māori follow an environmental calendar system that takes into account the sun, various stars, the moon, and other ecological indicators, a broader understanding of the natural world is needed when marking the Matariki ceremony.

While there are regional and tribal variations, all Māori marked the New Year by observing the pre-dawn rising of stars in the winter.

Rangi Matamua, then-Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and Sir Pou Temara at the Matariki hautapu, 24 Jun 2022. Photo by Erica Sinclair. Te Papa

Why the public holiday date differs

Māori divide the year into seasons, months, and lunar phases. Time is determined by a number of factors, including the position of the sun, the phase of the moon, and the rising and setting of stars.

Māori take into account the position of the sun when it rises, various stars that appear in the morning before the sun, and the different lunar phases. These events give us our markers of time.

The Matariki public holiday dates fall on the closest Friday to the Tangaroa lunar period during the lunar month of Pipiri. Tangaroa is not a single phase of the moon but rather the last quarter period of the lunar calendar. Because of this, the dates to celebrate Matariki will differ from year to year.

This period is one of the most well-known and best recorded times to celebrate Matariki.

Matariki public holiday dates

Below are the dates agreed upon by the Matariki Advisory Committee for the Matariki holiday beginning in 2022.

YearTangaroa lunar periodMatariki public holiday
202429 Jun – 2 Jul28 Jun
202519–22 Jun20 Jun
20268–11 Jul10 Jul
202727–30 Jun25 Jun
202815–18 Jul14 Jul
20294–7 Jul6 Jul
203023–26 Jun21 Jun
203111–14 Jul11 Jul
203230 Jun – 2 Jul2 Jul
203320–23 Jun24 Jun
20349–12 Jul7 Jul
203529 Jun – 1 Jul29 Jun
203617–20 Jul18 Jul
20376–9 Jul10 Jul
203825–28 Jun25 Jun
203913–16 Jul15 Jul
20401–4 Jul6 Jul
204121–24 Jul19 Jul
204210–1411 Jul
204330 Jun – 3 Jul3 Jul
204419–22 Jun24 Jun
20457–10 Jul7 Jul
204626–29 Jun29 Jun
204715–18 Jul19 Jul
20483–6 Jul3 Jul
204922–25 Jun25 Jun
205011–14 Jul15 Jul
20511–4 Jul30 Jun
205220–23 Jun21 Jun

Previous Matariki public holidays

YearTangaroa lunar periodMatariki public holiday
202310–13 Jul14 Jul
202221–24 Jun24 Jun

NZ Parliament: Celebrating Matariki as a public holiday