Rēkohu | Chatham Islands

Rēkohu Chatham Islands are 862 kilometres east of Christchurch and are 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand time. The Chatham Rise, a 1,400-kilometre mostly underwater land mass connects them to New Zealand. Lakes and lagoons cover about a quarter of the biggest island.

People live on only two of the Chatham Islands group: Chatham Island, also known as Rēkohu by Moriori and Wharekauri by Māori, and Pitt Island, known as Rangihaute by Moriori, and Rangiāuria by Māori. 

The main township is Waitangi, which is also where the port is. Other settlements are Te One, Port Hutt, Ōwenga and Kāingaroa. Rēkohu Chatham Island averages just over 600 people living there, and about 35 live on Rangihaute Pitt Island.