Watch: Panel discussion – Te Aurere’s maiden voyage

The original crew from the waka hourua waka houruadouble-hulled voyaging canoeMāori Te Aurere recall its 1992 voyage to Rarotonga, which would chart the course for future voyaging in Aotearoa New Zealand.

A double-hulled canoe tied to the shore


Te Aurere, Ngatangiia, Rarotonga 1992, Image courtesy of Te Tai Tokerau Tārai Waka Inc and Jack Thatcher

12 People standing on the deck of a boat


Te Aurere's Maiden Voyage Crew 1992. Photo courtesy of Te Tai Tokerau Tārai Waka Inc and Jack Thatcher

To celebrate the opening of the exhibition Manu Rere Moana | Pacific Voyagers, this panel reunites the original crew of Te Aurere 30 years after its maiden voyage.

Hekenukumai Ngāiwi Busby (Papa Hek) led the revitalisation of waka

  wakaocean-going vesselMāori
building, navigation, and voyaging here in Aotearoa New Zealand, under the guidance of Satawalese navigator Mau Piailug. In 1992, Hekenukumai’s dream became a reality: Te Aurere – the first waka hourua to be built here in 600 years – made its inaugural voyage.

With panel facilitators Ngawaiata Evans and Keringawai Evans-Larkin, left to right are Jack Thatcher, Sam Hauwaho, Stanley Conrad, Craig Subritzky, Martin Bercic. Te Aturangi Nepia-Clamp, and Pita Turei.

Transcription to come.