The colossal squid activity book

An activity book to help kids explore the bizarre anatomy of the colossal squid, where it lives, how it came to Te Papa, and what it eats.

  • Learning areas and strands Science
  • Education type Activity book
  • Suitable for Ages 10+


Printing tip: Open in Adobe Acrobat and select ‘flip on short edge’, print double-sided and in colour. See a screenshot of how this would look.


Printing tip: Print double-sided and in colour.

The inside of an activity book


The colossal squid activity book, 2019. Te Papa

In this activity book, we will:

  • imagine a strange creature
  • match colossal squid body parts 
  • see how big a colossal squid is
  • compare the colossal squid with other massive molluscs
  • follow our colossal squid’s journey to Te Papa
  • learn what eats what in the Southern Ocean.

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