Kids’ activity trails

Use our fun activity trails to get the most out of your self-guided visit to Te Papa.

  • Education type Self-guided resource
  • Suitable for Years 3–8

Give your students our activity trail sheets to get the most out of your self-guided visit to Te Papa. Fun tasks require students to explore, draw, think, and discuss.

Please print off the trails before you visit.

How to print

  • Pick the topics most relevant to your class focus from the selection below.
  • Print each of your selected PDFs on A3 paper, two-sided.
  • Fold each sheet to create a booklet.
  • Give each student a copy of the trail, or ask students to work in pairs.

Book a guided education visit to get more support and expertise during your time at Te Papa.

Activity trails

Tangata o le Moana Activity Trail

Discover amazing stories and objects from Pacific islands.

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Bush City Activity Trail

Look at, listen to, and even touch some of the special plants and animals of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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Bush City Geology Activity Trail

Discover the extraordinary geology of New Zealand. Dig, sketch, and investigate to find out about the rocks and landscapes of this amazing country.

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