Borrowing for an exhibitionTe taurewa taonga mō tētahi whakaaturanga

Do you wish to borrow a collection item from Te Papa to use in an exhibition? Read about our loans process and the help we offer borrowers.

You’ll need to submit your request at least six months before your exhibition opens. More notice may be required if your request is complex or is for a large number of items.

Loan request form

You can fill in the loan request form online or download it and send it to us via email or post.

Loan request form – online

Download loan request form (175.10 KB)

To complete the form you will need:

  • a registration number for each collection item you wish to borrow (Browse our collections to find your desired item and note its registration number, or contact a Te Papa curator or collection manager.)

  • details of your exhibition

  • a facilities report (and, for touring exhibitions, an itinerary of the tour and a facilities report for each venue)

  • a letter of support from the appropriate iwi should you wish to borrow taonga Māori (Māori cultural treasures) with clear iwi or regional provenance (in some cases, Te Papa can complete this process).

Need help? See what assistance we can provide

Processing your request

Your loan request will be assessed by Te Papa’s curators, collection managers, conservators, and object support staff. They will comment on any potential risks, make recommendations, and identify associated costs.

Assessment criteria:

  • Nature of the proposed venue(s) and audience

  • Size and complexity of the proposed loan in relation to any conflicting requests and priorities

  • Nature and condition of the collection item

  • Timeliness of the request and length of loan

Associated costs

As a borrower, you’ll be responsible for the associated costs of the loan. These are material costs only and do not include staff time unless the work is contracted out.

Associated costs are likely to include:

  • packing materials, including crate construction

  • matting and framing of art works

  • appropriate display mounts.

Borrower’s responsibilities

Your organisation will arrange and pay (in consultation with Te Papa) for:

  • insurance (transit and in situ)

  • freight (including customs clearance)

  • costs of accompanying courier (fares, accommodation, and daily allowance).

Loan agreement signature

We recognise there may need to be a period of negotiation. Once the negotiation has concluded, both parties will sign a formal loan agreement and adhere to the conditions contained in that document.

About facilities reports

The information provided in a facilities report helps borrowers and lenders identify potential problems requiring attention.

We already have a current facilities report for your organisation if:

  • you have borrowed from us in the past five years, and

  • your building has not been modified since your last loan with us.

Send us a new facilities report if:

  • it’s your first time borrowing from us

  • your building was modified between your last loan and now, or

  • your last loan was more than five years ago.

Accepted facilities reports:

  • A facilities report compiled by your organisation

Help from Te Papa

We can:

  • identify or suggest suitable collection items

  • evaluate your exhibition venue

  • evaluate your security systems

  • provide suitable mounting or hanging systems

  • provide specifications for passive climate control display cases

  • provide iwi contacts for taonga Māori.

Contact us

If you have questions about borrowing for an exhibition, please contact the Loans Team. Email: