Covid-19 front-of-house bilingual signage

Download our useful bilingual PDFs for signage around Covid-19 public spaces. These are shared under a creative commons license. See below for more licensing details.

Please check the offical COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights) guidance for current traffic light settings and requirements.

Conditions of entry notice (updated December 2021)

Covid19 FOH bilingual signage A3 Conditions of Entry (150.55 KB)

Covid19 FOH bilingual signage A3 Conditions of Entry Contractors and Visitors (157.90 KB)

Contact tracing, mask wearing and distancing requirements (updated September 2021)

Additional bilingual signage for use in public spaces, including contact tracing, mask wearing, and distancing requirements.

1_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_scan_in_contact_tracing.pdf (416.51 KB)

2_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_sit_2_metres_apart.pdf (416.57 KB)

3_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_2_metre_bubble_dark.pdf (422.46 KB)

4_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_wear_a_face_mask.pdf (430.08 KB)

5_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_ask_host_for_a_mask.pdf (429.84 KB)

6_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_take_off_mask_to_eat_and_drink.pdf (424.85 KB)

7_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_2_metre_bubbles_image.pdf (418.57 KB)

8_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_dining_in_rules.pdf (425.88 KB)

9_covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_pay_by_card_only (419.15 KB)

Covid-19 Alert Level 2 - bilingual Front of House signage 

This signage was developed by Te Papa as part of re-opening the museum at Alert Level 2 following the 2020 lockdown. Note New Zealand moved to the traffic lights system in December 2021.

Please check the offical COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights) guidance for current traffic light settings and requirements.

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_check_in.pdf (27.08 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_check_out.pdf (27.08 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_cleaning_regularly.pdf (27.09 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_coat_and_bag.pdf (26.99 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_enjoy_the_view.pdf (27.08 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_entry_only.pdf (32.21 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_exit_only.pdf (31.97 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_exit.pdf (26.94 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_no_entry.pdf (26.90 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_no_exit.pdf (26.90 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_not_in_use.pdf (26.90 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_older_people_and_wheelchairs.pdf (27.43 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_one_metre_bubbles_dark.pdf (32.17 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_one_metre_bubbles_image.pdf (31.21 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_one_metre_bubbles.pdf (26.99 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_one_metre_in_the_dark_areas_2.pdf (32.21 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_one_metre_selfies_0.pdf (27.11 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_one_person_one_metre.pdf (27.24 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_parents_room.pdf (27.02 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a3_wash_your_hands.pdf (32.66 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_contactless_payment_2.pdf (27.66 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_contactless_payment_1.pdf (27.78 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_payment_options.pdf (30.69 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_order_takeaways_here.pdf (27.61 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_machine_cleaned_regularly.pdf (33.10 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_please_sanitise_1.pdf (34.68 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_please_sanitise_2.pdf (34.68 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_sit_1_metre_apart_1.pdf (27.67 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_sit_1_metre_apart_2.pdf (27.79 KB)

covid19_foh_bilingual_signage_a4_sit_1_metre_apart_3.pdf (27.59 KB)

covid19_foh_no_touch_signage_180mm_1.pdf (25.92 KB)

covid19_foh_no_touch_signage_180mm_2.pdf (27.91 KB)

covid19_foh_no_touch_signage_180mm_3.pdf (32.46 KB)

covid19_1m_spacing_decals_250mm_1.pdf (48.62 KB)

covid19_1m_spacing_decals_250mm_2.pdf (45.57 KB)

covid19_2m_spacing_decals_420mm_1.pdf (26.36 KB)

covid19_2m_spacing_decals_420mm_2_0.pdf (25.09 KB)

covid19_arrow_white_decal_250mm_0.pdf (5.97 KB)

covid19_arrow_yellow_decal_250mm.pdf (41.56 KB)


With the exception of the Covid-19 assets and the font ‘Omnes’, these signs are shared by Te Papa under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

Te Papa has created these signs using assets from, which have been licenced by the Crown for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International Licence. (These assets include the header stripes and ‘Be Kind’ and ‘Sanitise’ icons, which can be found on

Te Papa encourages you to download and print these signs for use within your organisation, or feel free to cut and paste the text and translation into your own signage templates. Please ensure this is attributed accordingly.

However, if you wish to adapt or create derivative works from these signs, please ensure you adhere to the Creative Commons licence terms for both Te Papa’s content and the assets.

The following attribution should accompany the new signage, wherever possible:

This work is [based on/includes] works by Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, which is licensed by Te Papa for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence, and assets from, which are licensed by the Crown for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial International Licence 4.0.”

Any adaption using the font ‘Omnes’ will require an Adobe Creative Suite Licence.