Donate from abroad

Find out more about international giving.

New Zealand has a strong community of ex-pats abroad, many of whom consider their enduring relationship with Te Papa to be “a bridge home.” Te Papa Foundation also works with donors and sponsors abroad with a strong affiliation to Aotearoa who want the opportunity to meet, network and engage with the work of the museum.

Currently our international donor base is concentrated in London, where we have a committed circle of supporters and host exclusive events, however we will be expanding into other metropolitan centres in the future.

To find out more about international giving, please reach out to

If you are based in the United Kingdom and would like to make a tax-advantageous donation in Sterling through our partner Chapel & York, please click the link below.

Please note that if you are registered for Gift Aid, the UK government will contribute an additional 25% to your donation, e.g. if you donate £ 1,000, Te Papa Foundation will receive £ 1,250.