Te tauranga waka

Information on where to park, how to pay, what vehicles we can cater for, and for how long.


 You can pay with cash, Eftpos, or credit card (Amex, Mastercard, or Visa). All fees go towards supporting the museum. Apologies but we cannot reserve spaces in advance.

Daytime, 8am–5pm

  • $4 per hour, up to a maximum of $30
  • Lost ticket fee: $40

Evening and overnight

  • 5pm–8am: $2 per hour (up to $8 when exiting before 2am, or up to $24 before 8am)
  • 24-hour maximum: $40
  • Lost ticket fee: $40

How to pay

At the entry gate take a ticket, or alternatively use your credit card to enter the car park (no ticket is required if you use your credit card to enter the car park).

When you go to exit the car park:

  • If you used your credit card to enter the car park, use the same credit card at the exit gate. Please take a receipt to lift the exit barrier arm.
  • If you took a ticket to enter the car park, either go to a pay station and use cash, EFTPOS, or credit card to pay and then drive to the exit gate and present your ticket, or, if you have a credit card, you can go straight to the exit, insert your parking ticket and then use your credit card to pay for your parking at the exit gate.

Longer stays

Parking for longer than 24 hours is not permitted, we may clamp or tow your vehicle at your cost. 

  • Clamping fee: $60

Parking terms and conditions

Parking map

Parking at Te Papa map

Parking for visitors with disabilities

Park close to our ground-floor entrance at one of five accessible car park spaces:

  • two uncovered
  • three covered.

See the parking map above. Parking cannot be reserved in advance.

Access and facilities for people with disabilities

Small campervans

If the length of your campervan is less than 6.5 metres you will be able to fit into one of our standard carpark spaces – please note that we do not have a designated parking area for campervans. Due to the height restrictions of the undercover car park you will only be able to park your campervan outside.

Parking cannot be reserved.

Bicycles and kick scooters

You can park your bicycle or scooter at our racks – found behind Quake Braker, near our main entrance. We loan out padlocks at Coat and Bag which you can use to lock up your scooter.

Motorcycles and motor scooters

Parking is available near the exit to our covered car park.

Tour and school buses

Park your tour coach or school bus in our bus lane for free while your group visits Te Papa.

  • Parking cannot be reserved.
  • Buses cannot park overnight in the bus lane.

Drop-offs and pick-ups

Use the designated area at our main Cable Street entrance.