Bush City

Step outside into Bush City – a living, growing exhibition.

Closes daily at 5pm

Take a short walk through some of the natural wonders of New Zealand, from native bush to volcanic landscape.

Here you can:

  • cross a swing-bridge
  • enter a glow-worm cave
  • climb a lava flow
  • dig for fossils
  • simply relax in the fresh air.

Native bush

Head to the bush! With over 1,400 native plants you can take a condensed tramp through New Zealand’s jungle-like forests. You might even see a tūī or other birds in the bush.

Volcanic landscape

Explore examples of Aotearoa’sAotearoa’s New Zealand’s volcanic landscape – clamber up a lava flow and layered ash falls from the central North Island’s volcanoes.

Fossil dig

Are you a budding palaeontologist? Uncover a giant fossilised mosasaur (marine reptile) replica at our fossil dig.

Family in the Fossil Dig, 2015. Photograph by Michael Hall. Te Papa


Family in the Fossil Dig, 2015. Photograph by Michael Hall. Te Papa

Limestone cave

Venture underground, down dark passageways dripping with water and lit by glow-worms. Here you’ll find stalactites, cave wētā, and the bones of extinct flightless moa. Our limestone cave is inspired by the Waitomo caves.

Oldest rocks

Check out the oldest exhibits at Te Papa. You can even climb on these colourful rocks – some date back almost 600 million years!


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