Slice of Heaven: 20th Century Aotearoa
Rite ki te Rangi: Aotearoa i te rautau 20

Aotearoa New Zealand changed dramatically in the 20th century. Discover what united and divided us, and shaped our lives today. Decide whether New Zealand really is a ‘slice of heaven’.

  • When Closed 23 Jan 2017
  • Where Level 4
  • Cost Free entry
  • Type People and history

Final days – Slice of Heaven closes 23 January 2017. Come and farewell your favourite objects.

The 1900s saw Māori, women, and gay people all stand up for their rights. The country fought in two world wars – and then took a stand against nuclear weapons. The state grew – and shrank again. Find out about these and other historic events in this kaleidoscopic view of New Zealand life from the century that was.

Delve deeper into Slice of Heaven: 20th Century Aotearoa

Slice of Heaven exhibition, 2010. Photographed by Michael Hall, ©Te Papa


Slice of Heaven exhibition, 2010. Photograph by Michael Hall. Te Papa

Hunt around Home-grown

Explore the green, grassy-walled ‘Home-grown’ area with your whānauwhānau family – finding weird and wonderful objects from the past.

Where: Home-grown, Slice of Heaven: 20th Century Aotearoa exhibition, Level 4 (next to the Inspiration Station Discovery Centre).

Choose from two treasure hunts:

0–5 years
Use the toy pictures on your I SPY activity sheet to hunt down the real ones in the exhibition.
I SPY: Home-grown (3.24 MB)

Family Trail
Ages: 8–12 years
Look for Ninja Turtles, ceramic hot water bottles, and other 20th century objects to answer the questions on our trail.

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