How to use the Maramataka | Māori lunar calendarMe pēwhea te whakamahi i te Maramataka

Print a Maramataka dial, explore its energy levels, and use it to plan activities with your whānau.


Tāia tētahi Maramataka matarā, tūhuratia ngā pae pūngao, whakamahia hoki hei whakariterite i ngā mahi mā tō whānau.

The Maramataka dial | te Maramataka matarā. Image courtesy of The Spinoff

How the Maramataka dial works

What is the Maramataka?

Download, print, and cut out the Maramataka dial.

Maramataka dial (1.4 MB)

Pin the small disc (with days of the month) in the centre of the big disc (with phases of the Moon).

Align today’s date with today’s phase of the Moon (if you live on the west coast, set your dial to the previous day). This shows you the Māori name of the phase.

Reset your dial each new moon cycle. If you live on the west coast, set your dial to Ōturu, the day before the full moon. If you live on the east coast, set your dial to Rākaunui, the day of the full moon.

The Maramataka’s energy levels

The colours on the calendar dial show different energy levels. The levels are caused by the gravitational forces of the Moon, Sun, and Earth. These forces pull the Earth's water in one direction.

The energy levels set different times for things to grow, to be active, and to regenerate. We humans are also pulled by gravitational forces, which affect our biology and emotions.

Try these activities at each phase of the Maramataka

Ōturu, Rākaunui (full moon), Rākaumatohi – high energy
Plant your own herb garden.
Plan meals to avoid waste.

Takirau – give back to the soil
Weed and prepare your garden for planting.

Okie, Korekore-te-whiwhia, Korekore-te-rawea – low energy, give back to Papatūānuku
Help to clean up inside and outside the house.
Volunteer for a community clean-up project.

Korekore-piri-ki-ngā-Tangaroa, Tangaroa-a-mua, Tangaroa-a-roto – fishing and planting
Learn how to make fishing rigs.
The fish are biting, so go fishing!

Tangaroa-kiokio, Ōtāne, Ōrongonui – give back to the forest
Go on a whānau bush walk and learn about native trees.

Omauri, Mutuwhenua, Whiro, Tirea – lowest energy, give back to the soil
Help to clean up your local bush.
Prepare seedlings for next planting season.

Ohoata, Ouenuku, Okoro – moderate energy, give back to the heavens
Meditate with your whānau.
Have a night without electric light, TV, phones, and computers.

Tamatea-ā-ngana, Tamatea-ā-hotu, Tamatea-āio – fishing
Another great time to go fishing!

Tamatea-kai-ariki, Huna, Ariroa, Hotu – give back to the water
Clean up your local beach or river.
Go walking or cycling with your whānau.

Māwharu, Atua, Ōhua – planting
Plant a fruit or native tree, or donate one to a school, a marae, or Trees That Count.

The Maramataka dial | te Maramataka matarā, 2020. Te Papa

Dial reproduced courtesy of The Spinoff and author Ayla Hoeta (‘Move over astrology, it’s time to return to the Māori lunar calendar’).