Maramataka: The Māori calendar learning resource

Teach the Maramataka and the Māori months in your classroom with the help of our teaching resource and classroom poster. 

Learning areas and strands

Components of the solar system, cultural world-views, traditions and values

Education type

Education resource

Suitable for

Ages 5–10

The Maramataka is the traditional Māori lunar calendar. It was used to guide planting, harvesting, fishing, and hunting. Maramataka translates as ‘moon rotating’.

Learn more about the Maramataka before teaching this subject

Maramataka poster

Use this poster to talk about the activities that traditionally take place in each month of the year. Activities for each season are suggested to engage children both and home and at school.

Download Maramataka poster (83.42 KB)


The Maramataka learning resource includes suggested activities that explore the topic of Maramataka. Activities are adaptable and can be used as a starting point for further exploration of the topic.

Download Maramataka learning resource (1.29 MB)

Hinaki (eel/fish trap). Te Papa (ME011844)