Vehicle access: Our vehicle entrance will be reduced to one lane from 25 July until the end of November 2022, due to the construction of a new set of traffic lights outside Te Papa.
Info about vehicle access to Te Papa 25 Jul – Nov 2022

Accessing the collections and archives

Go beyond our exhibitions to discover more of the collections and archives.

Go beyond our exhibitions to discover more of the collections and archives.

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Access the collections
View the Te Papa Archives

Access the collections

For members of the public

For researchers

For museums and galleries

For people with a personal connection to an object

  • Contact us to arrange to see a collection or taongataonga Māori cultural treasure you have a connection to, e.g. through your whānauwhānau family, hapūhapū sub-tribe, iwiiwi tribe, or region.


Access to some objects, or object information, may be restricted if they’re:

  • unusually fragile, or light sensitive
  • of spiritual or cultural significance to certain community groups
  • confidential
  • in use, e.g., on loan or being researched.

View the Te Papa Archives

Cost: Free

When: Monday–Friday, by appointment only

Where: Level 3, 169 Tory Street, Wellington

Our Archivist identifies and cares for Te Papa’s public records – from historical documents such as Sir James Hector’s letters and the National Art Gallery archives, to research material and collected archives relating to all subject areas covering our wider collections.


You can search our archives on Collections Online.

Search Collections Online

Alternatively, contact us, and our Archivist will search the archives for you.

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